What can be transported in baggage on the plane?
What can be transported in baggage on the plane?

What can be transported in baggage on the plane?

It is possible to travel all over the world in different ways, but in each trip always the person takes things necessary for it. If you go the land type of transport, then it is practically possible to take all and that quantity which you can carry away. For flights by plane, there are certain rules for formation of baggage. It is worth getting acquainted with them in advance, especially, if you fly for the first time. https://discovery.monster

What can be transported in baggage on the plane?

For prevention of emergence of life-threatening passengers of situations, airlines forbid to transportation as baggage onboard the following objects:

    • the poisoning and toxic substances (poisons in any state, acids, mercury);
    • objects with the raised radioactive background;
    • products, especially perishable;
    • weapon of any kind and ammunition and also various models of such objects;
    • the materials, liquids and objects capable to blow up or light up (matches, alcoholic drinks are stronger than 70 degrees, the fireworker and also any barrels with the reaped or liquefied gas);
    • magnets of the big sizes;
    • pets;
    • musical instruments.

Besides it isn’t recommended to put in baggage material values (money, jewelry, securities) and any documents and also fragile objects and portable computers. It is connected with features of transportation of baggage to the plane and the probability that it can be lost.

It is authorized to take all the rest, but it is worth selecting carefully that you want to take as there is a restriction on baggage weight on each passenger. This information is usually displayed on the ticket. Usually it makes 20 kg for economy class, 30 kg for a business class and 40 kg for the first class. Also has value and the size. The baggage which has a sum of height, length and depth is allowed to free transportation doesn’t exceed 158 cm.

Often when packing a suitcase, there is a question: whether it is possible to transport in baggage of the plane of liquid and medicine? It is possible, but there are certain restrictions on engine capacity of the transported drinks (especially spirits). Medications have to be in the sealed packings and are put in a certain place.

Having taken a thing trip, being guided by requirements of your airline what baggage can be transported on the plane, you will avoid a situation that in a check-in time it won’t undergo testing and it is necessary to leave it.